Traveling with Children

Thousands of people travel to the Florida Keys on vacation each year. To help make travel with children easier, we've listed a few resources that you may find helpful.

Baby Supply Rentals


There are many (literally) mom 'n pop businesses that can serve your baby rental needs equally as well as the big agencies, often at a lesser cost.

Serving the Miami Beach, Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale areas of Florida is Baby Borrow Rentals which stocks a variety of useful furniture and gear. We love their motto: "We deliver everything but the baby."  


For families traveling through Miami to get to the Keys, Baby Borrow Rentals has hospital-grade pumps, kits and all accessories available. They don't rent/deliver items into the Keys (except Ocean Reef for a $200 delivery fee), but they often facilitate rentals for people traveling to other destinations. Families can call and ask the car rental desk or front desk at the airport hotels and, as long as they are willing to accept delivery of the items, Baby Borrows will bring the items and leave them in the car, hotel room or at the desk for families to get upon arrival. Similar arrangements are then made for departing.

Families traveling to Key West can rent baby equipment (and more) from a local business, The Hip Tourist.  They also offer other travel-related services.  

Bosom Buddies will send a breast pump to the Keys. They offer hospital-grade breast pumps and scales for rental. Both can be rented on a monthly or weekly basis. You sign a contract, they send it to wherever you want with whatever supplies and when you are finished, you just repack it and send it back with their label provided. It costs approximately $100 for pump rental and kit plus shipping. For more information or to set up a rental, please call  720-482-0109, option 8.  

Key West Airport Places Mamava Nursing Suite


Key West International Airport now provides nursing moms with a quiet place to pump and/or breastfeed when they travel. Equipped with comfortable seating and an electrical outlet, a Mamava Lactation Suite is a private suite designed for "nursing mamas on the go." 

EYW's Mamava Lactation Suite, which is ADA accessible, is conveniently located post-security to serve travelers in our departure lounge, near the Airlines gates. The Mamava Lactation Suite will be available during all operating hours, except when in use or being serviced.


With the opening of the new suite, EYW becomes one of the first few Florida Airports to have installed a Mamava Lactation Suite in its terminal. Palm Beach International Airport & Jacksonville International Airport are the other two airports that are a fellow Mamava location in all of Florida.

About three million, or 75%, of babies born in the United States each year, start out breastfeeding. EYW aims to make travel easier for breastfeeding mothers by adding this innovative amenity to our departure terminal lounge.

Nationwide Baby Equipment Rental Agencies


Fortunately, many vacation destinations now offer rental services for up-to-date, safety-checked baby supplies upon arrival. These great services offer a jumpstart on arrangements to make trip-planning less stressful.

Perhaps the largest, Baby's Away is a baby supply rental franchise operating in 30 states with over 70 locations nationwide. Locations deliver equipment straight to customers' accommodations, in Baby's AwayPerhaps the largest, house or at a hotel. The franchise's website provides contact information with links to local travel information. 800-571-0077.

Another company is Babies Travel Lite, which delivers your choice of baby supplies, toys, and gear, for a fee, to any destination in the US or internationally. They are the official baby products delivery service for Hyatt Hotels and Disney Cruise Lines, so you know they are reliable. Check out the simple to use website which offers pre-packed bundles as well as individual items. (910)-409-9032

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