Outdoor Activities for Children Ages 3+
Week of May 10th, 2020

Spray Bottle Nature Art


Materials Needed:

  • spray bottles

  • food coloring

  • water

  • white construction paper or card stock

  • a variety of collected nature items


  1. Begin by mixing your spray bottles. If possible use clear spray bottles, so your kids can see which color is in the bottle. To mix, add about a cup of tap water to the bottle. Then, add drops of food coloring to the bottle and shake. 

  2. Continue adding food coloring until the spray is as dark as you want it. This is personal preference and will require trial and error. Use a scrap piece of paper to test the spray until satisfied with the result.

  3. Next, take a nature walk and collect a variety of items, such as sticks, small branches, leaves in different shapes, wild flowers, acorns, pine cones, and stones. You can begin with 1 sheet of paper, or tape a few sheets together to create a larger canvas. 

  4. Once the paper is ready, have your kids arrange their collected nature items on the paper however they like. 

  5. Next is the fun part. With the collected items in place, use the spray bottle to spray color all over the paper in an abstract manner. The kids can get as crazy as they want with this. There is no right or wrong. They can spray as much or as little as they want.

  6. After spraying, allow your paper to dry. Then, remove the nature items and admire the beautiful creation.

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