Outdoor Activities for Children Ages 3+
Week of May 24th, 2020

Paper Bag Gratitude Tree

Materials You Need:

  • 2 cups Fruit Loops Cereal

  • 3-5 Pipe Cleaners, red or pink

  • Twine

What to do:

  1. Shape each pipe cleaner into a heart shape. The 2 ends will meet at the bottom of the heart, but don’t twist them closed yet.

  2. Put the cereals onto the heart pipe cleaners until they are tightly pressed together, and there is about a half inch pipe cleaner showing at the two open ends.

  3. Twist the two open ends together so your heart is closed now.

  4. Tie a piece of twine on each heart and hang them all from your favorite tree for the birds to snack on in the winter.

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