Indoor Activities for Children Ages 0-3
Week of May 24th, 2020

Block Basketball

Materials You Need:

  • Soft blocks, rolling balls or bean bags

  • Something to be the basket (clean garbage can, a laundry basket, bucket, or just a target on the floor works too!)

What to do:

  1. Start playing. With little ones, simply fill and spill, while they are handling a certain color label it for them, encourage them, and toss some in yourself! Practice taking turns, as it’s a great side lesson.

  2. For older children the sky is the limit, You can ask them to pop in a certain color, or even give them riddles to figure out. Like “can you throw the bean bag that is the same color as my shirt?” Also you can grab a tape measure and see if you can make a basket at 1 foot away, 2 feet away…3 feet away! Or even just see who can make the most baskets in a row!

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