Outdoor Activities for Children Ages 0-3
Week of May 17th, 2020

Sensory Play Outside


Feel the Grass

When looking for outdoor activities for infants and toddlers…just look around!

Take off your baby’s shoes or socks and let them feel the grass with their toes. 

This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy outdoor play with your baby. 

Some babies will love this…others may not so watch your child’s cues.  If they don’t like it then introduce it a bit more slowly. 

Let them touch it with their hands, instead of their feet.

Look around your environment and see what other textures would be interesting for your baby to touch. 

Always closely supervise your baby while exploring new things especially if they are at the age where they put things in their mouth.  

Here are some examples of fun things that you can have your baby touch when outside:

  • Grass

  • Sand

  • Pine cones

  • Water

  • Leaves

  • Rocks

  • Tree bark

  • Flowers

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