Indoor Activities for Children Ages 3+
Week of May 10th, 2020

Paper Flowers in Yogurt Cup Vases

What you need:

  • Recycled yogurt cups

  • Construction paper: green for flower leaves, any color for vase covers

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Colored tissue paper

  • Bendable drinking straws

  • Clear tape

  • Craft glue

  • Playdough

Make the Flower Vase

1. Place a yogurt cup on its side on a piece of paper. Mark the height with a pencil, then wrap the paper around the cup to cover it completely, with about a 1/2'' overlap.

2. Cut out the template.

3. Trace the template on construction paper and cut out the cover for the vase.

4. Budding artists can decorate their covers with stickers, fingerprints, drawings and messages. Help your child practice making designs or brainstorm some ideas together. Look around the room for inspiration: eye-catching shapes, pretty designs and patterns work well on a tiny vase.

5. After your child's masterpiece is finished, it's time to cover the yogurt container! Your child can put glue along the top edge of the container and affix the paper to the cup.

6. Glue the small part of overlapping construction paper along the side together and use a small piece of clear tape to secure the edges.

Make the Flower

1. Draw a circle template about 5'' in diameter and a square template about 5'' x 5'' on a piece of construction paper.

2. Cut out the templates and use them to trace a circle and square on several pieces of tissue paper.

3. Place 5-10 of the cut-out shapes in a pile and gather at the center. A mix of shapes and different colored tissue paper will make a unique flower.

4. Twist the center tightly to make the base of the flower, and use clear tape to secure it. Don't worry if the flower looks funny at first! You will be able to fluff it up and move it around once it's finished. Encourage your child to experiment with different color and shape combinations or to start again if she doesn't like her final creation.

5. Add the stem. Cut a tiny slit in the top of the drinking straw and stick the base of the flower into the straw. Put a piece of clear tape around the flower and straw to secure it in place.

6. Add a leaf. Draw a leaf about 6'' long, 1'' wide at the ends and 1 1/2'' wide at the center on a piece of green construction paper. Cut it out. Make a tiny hole in the center of the leaf and pull the straw through it, moving the leaf all the way up to the base of the flower. It will cover the tape and slit and really bring the flower to life!

Put It All Together

1. Put "water" in the vase. Have your child grab enough playdough to fill half the vase. She can roll it in a ball, making it soft enough so that she can push it all the way into the container. The playdough acts as a weight and "glue" to secure the flower to the vase.

2. Add the flower. Decide how high the flower should stick out of the vase and cut the straw accordingly, about 2-3'' from the bottom. Stick the flower into the water, and the long-lasting flower is finished!

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