Indoor Activities for Children Ages 3+

Bunny Color Hop:






To get started you just need to print off the bunny printables and tape them to the floor! You can always draw different colored bunnies on plain paper. Be sure to tape them securely to the floor so that kids can't slip.


Put the cards in any order or positions that you want!


Next you are ready to start playing!


For little toddlers, say a COLOR and then the kids hop to the bunny that is that color.

For older toddlers/preschoolers,  talk about the letter that the color starts with. You might say, "Jump to the bunny that's color starts with R." The kids will yell red and hop over to the red bunny.

You can also tell your little ones to hop around wherever they want and yell the color of the bunny that they are hopping on once they reach it.

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