Indoor Activities for Children Ages 3+
Week of April 26th, 2020

Paper Plate Ladybug

What you need:

  • Black construction paper

  • a paper plate

  • Red paint, markers, or crayons

  • glue or tape

  • scissors

  • a pipe cleaner, ribbon or popsicle sticks for the antennae

  1. Have your child paint the underside of the paper plate.

  2. While your child is painting, using the black construction paper to make a head, cut out some spots and a thin rectangle. If you do not have black construction paper, you can use plain paper and color in black spots with black marker.

  3. Glue your head and spots on.

  4. Poke two small holes in the head and thread the pipe cleaner through. You can also tie black ribbon or glue on black popsicle sticks. You can also glue on the antennae with black paper. 

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