Outdoor Activities for Children Ages 0-3
Week of April 19th, 2020

Make Bubbles!

What you need:

  • Dishwashing soap(like Dawn)

  • A Gallon of warm water

  • 2-3 Tbs of Glycerin (optional) for bigger bubbles!

  • Wire hanger

  • Flat, rimmed tray like a sheet-cake pan

What kid doesn’t love bubbles?

This outdoor activity takes the fun to a whole new level by mixing your own bubble solution.


  1. To start, add one cup of dishwashing soap (like Dawn) to a gallon of warm water. An extra two to three tablespoons of glycerin, available at your local pharmacy, is the secret to super-big bubbles.

  2. Pour your concoction into a flat, rimmed tray, like a sheet-cake pan.

  3. Dip in a large DIY wand, made by bending a wire hanger into a loop.

  4. Teach your toddler to lift the wand slowly and walk backward to let loose a gigantic bubble.

    If you like, experiment with making different kinds of wands with straws, pipe cleaners, even fly swatters. And if you really want to go big, pour your solution into a wading pool and use a Hula-Hoop to make monster-sized bubbles.

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